Part-time team member of social innovation startup with big ideas

Hello! We're Dignity platform; a very ambitious social enterprise startup seeking to cause a major disruption to how charities fundraise. We believe the way charities fund raise is often the least inspiring part of their valuable work, and it also tends to cost them a lot of money and time. We're changing that.

We've created a marketplace where neighbours can volunteer their skills to each other (eg. haircuts, bicycle maintenance, photography lesson, dog walking, DIY - I believe our last gig was a boiler service) and the money the 'Doer' would've been paid is all donated to charities. They can be any charity or purpose-before-profit organisation the Hirer & Doer choose. They can choose multiple.

The money is split evenly between their chosen charities. The average gig is around £40. So if 100 Brightonians are doing 1 gig per month, that's raising £4,000 every month for peoples' chosen charities, just by getting Brightonians out and helping their neighbours.

We're looking for 2 people to join our team who have a fire in their belly for creative, meaningful system change; bringing innovation with a purpose to our city, with the vision to expand nationally, then globally. Until we've secured our second round of startup funding, our team will be voluntary.

We will still need to move mountains together and prove to the world that this dream has legs.

We'd also need you to be certain that you can commit at least 10 hrs per week (on average - less one week, more another is of course fine).

Thanks for considering becoming a part of the story.


Reliability, punctuality (we're a fun loving bunch of friends but we take playing together seriously in the context of Dignity; it's the only way we're going to have a chance of really changing how the third sector and society work).

Clear, kind, insightful communication; emotional intelligence, passion for how we do (not just what we do). Basic tech skills and smartphone (to aid our team communication) is a big bonus.

An active interest in self-managed ways of working together (for the geeks out there: think Teal organisations, Sociocracy 3.0, conscious collaboration, Art Of Hosting - you will get familiar these models & approaches of effective self-management).

We love collaborative leadership and welcome your questions, fears and ideas into the collaboration. At first we will guide and delegate, then increasingly look for you to step toward more and more self-management; doing what you need to understand what we're doing, why, how we plan to get there and how you can best contribute.

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  • Black and Minority Ethnic Communities
  • Civic Responsibility and Communities
  • Disability
  • Environment
  • Health and Social Care
  • No specific interest
  • Older People
  • Wildlife and Animals
  • Young People


  • Administration and Office
  • Advice and Information
  • Business Skills
  • Computers, IT and Websites
  • Creativity
  • Fundraising and Finance
  • General Helping
  • Legal Work
  • Local Events
  • Marketing and Media
  • Supporting Charities
  • Trusteeship and Committee Work


  • Age/Gender Restrictions
  • Disabled Access
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Expenses
  • Induction
    We'll support you closely to orientate and start to self-manage with us
  • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
  • Support on Offer
  • Training
    Various general skills will be shared; we're all students in a learning environment. If we're not learning, we're not growing.

When can I volunteer?

Between these dates: 26/07/2018 - 01/01/2019

On these days:

Mon-Fri Day Eve
Weekend Day Eve


The platform
9 Russell Place
East Sussex

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